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The major functions of Motor Oil

Lubrication: The primary function of motor oil. Oil separates engine components from rubbing against each other. When metal makes contact with other metal, it heats up. When this happens for too long, the components will distort and later fail.

Viscosity: Oil needs to lubricate no matter what the temperate of the automobile. Having the proper viscosity (weight) oil flows through the system to continue lubrication.

Additives: Two major byproducts of the internal combustion engine are water and carbon dioxide. Two common oil additives are rust inhibitors and detergents. Without the oil additives, any water that lingers in the engine would cause rust, and later engine failure.

Coolant: Motor oil helps keep the engine cool. It carries away large amounts of heat from the engine to a reservoir called the oil pan.

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As you can see, Motor oil has a big job in maintaining the wellness of your vehicle. It is essential to keep your motor oil optimal. Regular oil changes are highly recommended. Depending on your cars year/make/model, every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. So take care of you’re engines wellness and contact Master Oil and More for a premium oil service.

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